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Compare Electric Vehicles In Australia

Compare the energy use between EV (electric vehicles), hybrid vehicles, and ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles < in red background.

Electric cars (EV). Hybrid cars. ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars.
Include 2nd hand EV and hybrids.
Electric motorbikes (and scooters). ICE motorbikes (and scooters).
Electric bicycles. Electric wheelchairs (and mobility scooters).
Electricity Cost: $ /kWh. Fuel Cost: $ /L.
Add this much to ALL hybrid cars and ICE cars for extra servicing: $ per 10,000km (e.g.: $200 to cover filters, fluids, extra parts & labour).
To include battery replacement for EV or hybrid cars add the battery cost to the purchase price in the blue user row (note that batteries might still be 70% good after 10 years).
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Click the headings to sort No. of kWh (and litres) used to recharge (and refuel) after test
Cost of electricity (and fuel) for tested range ($ per refuel or recharge)
Unit used includes electricity and fuel Electricity (and fuel) cost per km (including the purchase price) Max range / max. distance (km)
Battery capacity (and fuel tank size)
Type (and image)
Product name

Purchase price
Tested range / distance (km)
Cost per km
Used per 100 km
Cost per 100 km
If you only drove the vehicle 1,000 km.
If you only drove the vehicle 100,000 km.
If you only drove the vehicle 200,000 km.
If you only drove the vehicle 300,000 km.
$3.10$0.07835.3 kWh$7.75$35.08$0.43$0.25$0.19n/an/aEdit the data with your own inputs then click the "Reload page" button at the top of the table.
Electric Motorbike
Zero FX 2015 ZF5.7 (new)$1950087 km5.9 kWh$1.30$0.0156.8 kWh$1.49$19.51$0.21$0.11$0.08113 km5 kWhTest range needs to be real life tested (combined city/highway ange estimate used). Energy to charge is calculated as the nominal capacity of the bike divided by 85% charging efficiency. Ref. Ref2.
Electric Motorbike
Zero DS 2015 (new)$20500126 km8.6 kWh$1.89$0.0156.8 kWh$1.50$20.52$0.22$0.12$0.08167 km8.3 kWhBattery recharge figure of 8.6kWh is an estimate. Test range needs to be real life tested (combined city/highway range estimate used). You can upgrade the battery for extra range (costs extra). Ref. Ref2.
Hybrid Car
Toyota Prius C 2016 (new)$27400100 km4.8 L$6.24$0.0624.8 L$6.24$27.46$0.34$0.20$0.15700 km0.9 kWh + 36 LPrice from in 2016. Some warranties for Prius batteries say 250,000km (California). 4.8L/100km based on city/hwy mix ( EV only range only last 1-2km at 40km/hour. Ref. Ref2. Ref3. Ref4.
Hybrid Car
Toyota Camry Altise Hybrid 2015 (new)$33000100 km6 L$7.80$0.0786.0 L$7.80$33.08$0.41$0.24$0.191080 km1.6 kWh + 65 LPrice from for $33k driveaway in 2015. The 6.0L/100km is in a mix of driving conditions ( Ref. Ref2. Ref3.
ICE Motorbike
Suzuki DR200S 2015 (new)$5000100 km3 L$3.90$0.0393.0 L$3.90$5.04$0.09$0.06$0.06417 km12.5 LThis bike is a trail bike (can't use on road in Australia). Ref.
Electric Wheelchair
LX Pride Wheelchair (Admin's 2nd hand old wheelchair)$50015 km0.6 kWh$0.13$0.0094.0 kWh$0.87$0.51$0.01$0.01$0.0120 km0.72 kWhAdmin added this listing. Real life test of 15km had battery meter at 50% but the manual says 40km max range. Need to retest to last battery bar light. Also need to retest kWh usage to charge.
Electric Scooter
Pathrider 140 XL 2016 (2nd hand)$18008 km0.4 kWh$0.09$0.0115.0 kWh$1.13$1.81$0.03$0.02$0.0215 km1.68 kWh2nd hand price from Gumtree and eBay in 2016. See the review of the Pathrider 140 XL on this website. Ref.
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2015 (new)$50000100 km14.1 kWh + 4 L$8.30$0.08314.1 kWh + 4.0 L$8.30$50.08$0.58$0.33$0.25800 km12 kWh + 45 LPrice from in 2016. 3L/100km urban test (no highway?) from and EV only range at 40km. See PHEV note. Ref. Ref2. Ref3. Ref4.
Hyundai ix35 2015 (SUV) (new)$33000100 km8.4 L$10.92$0.1098.4 L$10.92$33.11$0.44$0.27$0.22690 km58 LPrice from in 2016. Combined (8.4L/100km) Hyundia figure used for test range. Ref.
Honda Jazz 2016 (new)$21000100 km6.2 L$8.06$0.0816.2 L$8.06$21.08$0.29$0.19$0.15690 km40 LPrice from in 2016. 6.2L based on and Ref. Ref2.
Toyota Corolla Ascent Sedan 2016 (new)$29000100 km7 L$9.10$0.0917.0 L$9.10$29.09$0.38$0.24$0.19800 km55 LPrice from in 2016. 7L/100km from rate). Ref. Ref2.
Toyota Corolla Ascent Hatch 2016 (new)$25000100 km6.9 L$8.97$0.0906.9 L$8.97$25.09$0.34$0.21$0.17725 km50 LPrice from in 2016. 6.9L/100km from rate). Ref. Ref2.
Toyota Camry Altise Petrol 2016 (new)$27000700 km70 L$91.00$0.13010.0 L$13.00$27.13$0.40$0.27$0.22700 km70 LPrice from in 2016. 7.8L/100km from Ref. Ref2.
Electric Car
BMW i3 2016 (new)$73700100 km14.9 kWh$3.28$0.03314.9 kWh$3.28$73.73$0.77$0.40$0.28130 km18.8 kWhPrice from in 2016. 14.9kWh/100km real life test from Ref. Ref2. Ref3.
Electric Bicycle
Aseako 250W Electric Bike 2015 (new)$150030 km0.4 kWh$0.09$0.0031.3 kWh$0.30$1.50$0.02$0.01$0.0130 km0.36 kWhDisabling the speed limiter allows speeds of 32kmh. Distance advertised as 30-40km but I used the 30km figure to better compare with other vehicles with no peddles. Ref. Ref2.



- All vehicles are automatic.

- Energy usage note: I'm going to try use a combined city (50-60km/h) + highway (90-110km/h) figures (I will choose the closest figure). If my figures are not right then email me a page where you can find better figures.

- I list realistic prices. For new cars I use the price with on road costs or as a backup option the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) with on-roads costs. For 2nd hand cars I list the street price (e.g. that includes on-road costs. I do this because 2nd hand cars are listed with on-road costs and if I just use the RRP for new cars then it would not be a fair comparison.

- PHEV (Plug In Electric Vehicle) note: PHEV cars use their batteries up in the starting part of a long trip, which means they have lower fuel usage in the first 40km or so, but it's the fuel that does the work over long distances. The Australian average driver commute is a 38km return trip with perhaps longer trips on the weekend or even longer trips in the holidays. I will assume that for a 100km trip the battery must be fully charged (I allow 85% charging efficiency).

- Use 'mains power meters' or 'electrical cost meters' from Bunnings or Jaycar to measure the kWh used to charge vehicles.

- There is some wiggle room in these figures. For example the test driver could weigh 70kg or 110kg, be light/heavy footed on the accelerator, etc.